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  • We Saved You A Seat15:04

    We Saved You A Seat

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  • Set Yourself Up for Success With Algonquin College Coop - Webinars38:03

    Set Yourself Up for Success With Algonquin College Coop - Webinars

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  • Webinar - Paying for College16:29

    Webinar - Paying for College

    {https://youtu.be/kbSa9DLjA8Y}[Welcome] {https://youtu.be/kbSa9DLjA8Y?start=30}[Making a Financial Plan] {https://youtu.be/kbSa9DLjA8Y?start=362}[Applying for OSAP] {https://youtu.be/kbSa9DLjA8Y?start

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  • How to Apply For College11:15

    How to Apply For College

    How To Apply to Algonquin College - Webinar {https://youtu.be/H-YRos2kRrg}[Welcome] {https://youtu.be/H-YRos2kRrg?start=100}[Meet Your Presenter] {https://youtu.be/H-YRos2kRrg?start=150}[Choosing a P

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  • Transfer Credit Webinar - Algonquin College4:38

    Transfer Credit Webinar - Algonquin College

    Transfer Credit Webinar - Algonquin College - Webinar {https://youtu.be/jDSBb65Xd74}[Welcome] {https://youtu.be/jDSBb65Xd74?start=33}[Eligibility] {https://youtu.be/jDSBb65Xd74?start=50}[What you Nee

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  • Bachelor Degrees - Webinar28:03

    Bachelor Degrees - Webinar

    Algonquin College Webinar - Bachelor Degrees {http://youtu.be/xRiCNBJlRLs}[Welcome] {http://youtu.be/xRiCNBJlRLs?start=20}[Meet Your Presenter] {http://youtu.be/xRiCNBJlRLs?start=56}[College Program

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  • The Recruitment Pitch  - Webinar30:36

    The Recruitment Pitch - Webinar

    {http://youtu.be/N8gwF0fryMw}[Intro] {http://youtu.be/N8gwF0fryMw?start=142}[Co-Op/Field Placements] {http://youtu.be/N8gwF0fryMw?start=176}[About AC] {http://youtu.be/N8gwF0fryMw?start=305}[Campuses]

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  • PLAR21:03


    Prior Learning Assessment Webinar {http://youtu.be/QJRgR2AOUBE}[Intro] {http://youtu.be/QJRgR2AOUBE?start=123}[What is PLAR?] {http://youtu.be/QJRgR2AOUBE?start=231}[What's in it for me?] {http://you

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  • Virtual March Break - Webinar44:20

    Virtual March Break - Webinar

    Virtual March Break {http://youtu.be/YV6j_MZCFy8}[Intro] {http://youtu.be/YV6j_MZCFy8?start=162}[Why Algonquin?] {http://youtu.be/YV6j_MZCFy8?start=354}[What makes AC great?] {http://youtu.be/YV6j_MZ

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  • Get the Algonquin College Experience37:01

    Get the Algonquin College Experience

    Chapter links: {http://youtu.be/IUwQ_ICSiCU}[Intro] {http://youtu.be/IUwQ_ICSiCU?start=85}[Why Algonquin] {http://youtu.be/IUwQ_ICSiCU?start=362}[Environmental and Outdoor Training, Police and Public

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  • Getting Started29:35

    Getting Started

    Chapter links: {http://youtu.be/Wu59ABvBmmM}[Start from the beginning] {http://youtu.be/Wu59ABvBmmM?start=76}[Why Algonquin] {http://youtu.be/Wu59ABvBmmM?start=274}[Transition from High School] {http:

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