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  • The NEW Journalism Landscape Webinar1:08:33

    The NEW Journalism Landscape Webinar

    Journalism Webinar {https://youtu.be/y3PpXfX2xPQ}[Intro] {https://youtu.be/y3PpXfX2xPQ?start=195}[Meet Your Presenter] {https://youtu.be/y3PpXfX2xPQ?start=380}[Different Skills] {https://youtu.be/y3

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  • Performing Arts Webinar54:12

    Performing Arts Webinar

    Create your Performing Arts Education with Algonquin College Want more... Check out the Performing Arts program: http://algonquinconnected.com/performingarts

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  • Broadcasting - Radio Webinar59:09

    Broadcasting - Radio Webinar

    Want more... Check out the Broadcasting - Radio program: http://algonquinconnected.com/radio

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